Thursday, April 28, 2011

Homemade Play-Doh, but we call it "Josie-Doh"

This week, my twins that are in 2nd grade had to come up with something to "sell" to the 1st grade class at school in their 2nd Grade School Store.  My daughter, Josie, wanted to make homemade play-doh.  I got online and searched and searched for recipes.  Can you believe that there is a WHOLE website dedicated to homemade playdoh??  Well there is!! If you don't believe me, check it out!

There were SO many to choose from, and what I noticed, was that most of them had to be refrigerated.  That just wasn't going to work. So, I decided to ask help using social networking... facebook!! I have lots of friends that are teachers, and knew someone would have a tried and true recipe.  The one that I was given was then given the thumbs up by another friend, so I knew we had a winner. 

When we were talking about packaging, I told Josie we needed to come up with something cute and catchy.  Be honest, how many times do you buy something just because of the packaging?? My husband is constantly coming up with nicknames and rhymes with Josie's name.  Lots of times saying "do-se-do" to her.  It just popped in my head... Let's call it Josie-doh!! She loved it...and the rest they say is history.

We made 4 colors, it is the softest play-doh, your kids will love it! Thank you to Teresa and Lisa for the recipe and for those of you who wanted me to share it...well, here ya go!!


‎2 1/2 Cups Flour
1/2 Cup Salt
 2 pkg unsweetened Koolaid
 3 tablespoons cooking oil
 2 Cups Boiling Water
Boil water, remove from heat. Add oil. Add dry ingredients and mix with a spoon. Let cool a bit. Knead. Store in airtight container.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just a "Peep's Eye View" of our Easter dinner table this year....

one of the centerpieces, accompanied by my favorite deviled egg platter

Happy Easter, and Happy Spring!!

This year for Easter a friend shared an idea for a centerpiece with me, that I immediately fell in love with. Those who know me, know all about my love of PEEPS(tm)! I actually have a "stuffie version" of them in my home office year 'round, they just make me smile.  So, when I saw this idea for a centerpiece, I knew it would be the most fitting arrangement for our table this Easter.

side by side, my two main table attractions

I used a 6" square glass vase. Start by inserting a smaller glass, or vase into the center. The version I saw had marbles in the bottom, I chose to go with jelly beans.  I hunted and hunted for the perfect hue to match the PEEP(tm) colors that I had chosen. I settled on these, that were made by Sweetart (tm). Pour the jelly beans around the glass vases edges. Then it's time to insert the PEEPS(tm)! Four of them fit perfectly on each side. Looking back, I wish that I would have had just one more bag of jelly beans to hoist the bunnies up a little higher.  (I'm sort of a perfectionist, and it really bothered me that you could see that little bit of 'space' above their ears.) Then it's time to insert the blooms!

an assortment of pastel blooms worked perfectly

It took more flowers than I had anticipated.  I actually went back for more, because I wanted them to be really full. A variation of daisies, roses, carnations and mums were what I chose. Watering them is the trick! I used my turkey baster! ;)

I have been contacted by Robyn from Mix Mingle Glow.  She informed me that this was her original idea. Upon researching ALL of the like centerpieces on the internet, I have found so many links that it's hard to tell where it came from first.  But I will give her credit if she made it first!
Sorry for any confusion. But in the day and age of Pinterest, it's just so darn hard to tell.