Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes in a Mason Jar Mug

Can  you say teacher gifts?!?

Pretty much all of my kids' teachers know I love to cook.  A lot of them even follow my blog.
So I feel like I should treat them to something made in my kitchen whenever I get the chance.

For our specials teachers this year, I used my friend, Candi's recipe from her blog for hot chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow butter cream.

I found these mason jars with handles, and bought the canning lids to go with them.

I baked up her recipe for the cupcakes, and it made exactly 24 cupcakes.  
(I made 11 jars...lucky me!!)

I cut the tops of the cupcakes off, and put one in the bottom of the jar, 
the squeezed some frosting, topped it with these pretty pink peppermint marshmallows that I found, added another cupcake, more frosting, more marshmallows and some chocolate chips.

I made some little tags, and attached them to a packet of peppermint hot cocoa, strung a ribbon through and tied them on the jars.

Tie a spoon on with the ribbon, and make it look pretty!

Gift away!!

The kids said their teachers really liked them, 
I hope so!! 

Because our family appreciates each and every one of them!!

Get the recipe!!
Click the link right here to be taken to my friend Candi's blog, The Devilish Dish

Merry Christmas!!

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