Wednesday, April 4, 2012

PEEP Centerpiece -- Instructions Included!!

PEEP centerpieces

I made these for Easter last year.  

I shared them and have gotten so many questions I figured I would type up a quick step by step so you could have one on your table this year!

I use a 6" square vase, and put a pint sized canning jar in the middle.

The canning jar works great for the size vase I have, and because you can put the lid on top and the jelly beans don't fall inside. If you don't use a jar, plan to fish them out!!

Pour the jelly beans around the vase, taking care to keep them evenly dispersed.

Once you start getting it full, check to see where the PEEP bunnies ear tips land.  You want them to land toward the top of the vase to conceal the stems and the jar.

My 6" square vase houses 16 bunnies perfectly.  Notice how I stagger them to fit in the corners?

Here is a top view of how they line up.

I didn't use the black jelly beans because they are "ugly." 
I didn't use them so we could EAT THEM!!


Take the remaining beans and fill the void area to stabilize your jar.

Side view.

It's a little early to go buy blooms for in the vase, but my sweet son, Spencer, had cut me some fresh lilacs this morning, so I stuck them in there to show you the flowers inside.

You will most likely need to use a funnel to fill the jar with water.
If you get the beans wet, it makes a big 'ol mess!

Here's what you will need:

6" Square Vase
1 pint size canning jar
2 packages of PEEP bunnies
3 - 16 oz packages of jelly beans
mixed flowers of your choice

I have been contacted by Robyn from Mix Mingle Glow.  She informed me that this was her original idea. Upon researching ALL of the like centerpieces on the internet, I have found so many links that it's hard to tell where it came from first.  But I will give her credit if she made it first!
Sorry for any confusion. But in the day and age of Pinterest, it's just so darn hard to tell.


I hope you and your guests enjoy this FUN Easter centerpiece!!
The Princess & Her Cowboys

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bunny Napkin Folding

cute lil bunnies

Need a little "somethin' somethin' " to give your Easter table a little something special this year?

Well, if you have linen napkins and some satin ribbon, you can have this little Army of Easter Rabbits marching across your table, too!!


Love how they looked all lined up on my kitchen table this morning, ready to conquer the drips and drops of Easter dinner!!

it's almost a shame to wipe your mouth on!!

Make sure you iron your napkins before, and it helps if they have a light starch on them.

Here's the video from Better Homes and Gardens on how to fold them!