Thursday, November 29, 2012

143 Cupcakes in Three Days

143 Cupcakes in Three Days

My dear friend Betsy chaired the cake tent at Mount Michael this year.

She decided to jazz up the traditional cake tent and let patrons pick and choose their cupcakes like they can in the many cupcake establishments around the country.

This is the cupcake table at the Fall Festival at Mount Michael.

Betsy is one of those friends that every time I raise my hand to volunteer for something, she is the one standing behind me asking me if I need help.
She is truly one of my life's biggest blessings.

Of course, when she was this year's chair, I would be helping her!!

So, I decided to stretch the labor of it all out over the course of a couple days.

Wednesday, I made all of the frosting. 
You may have seen this picture posted on my facebook?

I bagged up the frosting in gallon sized zip lock bags and stored it in the freezer.
I simply frosted some of the cupcakes by cutting off the corner of the bag, and some I squeezed into my decorator.

On Thursday I baked most of the cupcakes, with the exception of the rice krispy and the spiced glazed muffins.

Friday I continued baking and then  frosted them all.

Here they all are frosted and ready to be boxed up!

Here you will find the links to all of these yummy cupcakes,
Just click on the link below the picture to be taken to the recipe!

Chocolate Cupcakes with

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  1. This will come in so handy for my daughters konfirmation in may. Thanks for this great plan. :-)


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